Prospective Graduate Students

I generally have room to accept 1-2 students each year. If my research program aligns closely with your interests then please contact me. When making initial contact it is very helpful to hear about your background and interests. The more specific you can be about a possible research project the better (with full understanding that your proposed research focus will evolve over time). It is also useful to have a copy of your unofficial transcripts and an updated CV/resume. If there looks to be a confluence of interests then I will suggest a conversation to explore possibilities.

Please keep in mind that my research program focuses on the social and political dynamics of environmental challenges. If your background is exclusively in engineering or the sciences, it’s unlikely we would be a good match on the research front. In addition, I am typically not able to supervise research that happens outside of North America unless there is a co-supervisor who actively researches in the area where you plan to do your work.

Because having a funding strategy is essential to being admitted to our graduate program, I strongly encourage prospective students to be in touch between August and October, so that there is time to apply for scholarships and fellowships, many of which have fall deadlines.

International students: Our program requires that students are guaranteed a certain level of funding in order to be admitted. This funding can come from scholarships or fellowships that the student brings (such as SSHRC fellowships), faculty research funds, or funding from our program. However, many of these funding sources are only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. This means that unfortunately we are not able to admit nearly as many international students as we would like. When I do have funding that can support an international student, I will advertise on this site.

Please note: It is impossible for me to confirm your acceptance in advance of your application and the adjudication process. Graduate school applications are a competitive process. It is generally good practice to apply to several programs to ensure you have good choices.

The deadline for application to the School of Environmental Studies graduate program is January 15th. For more information about the application process please see here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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